How to Order

How to Order

Shopping at is now easy than ever before! Don’t miss out on the amazing offers and deals available on Keep browsing to find the most amazing deals and offers for the best local and international brands!

Online shopping made so much easier with the Don’t forget to make sure you have a registered account with us. You can browse and explore to find the best fit of your choice across the wide range of products we have listed and once you have found the most preferred choices you may follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the desired fashion item and click on ‘Add to Cart’

  2. Once you have selected your choices and added to your cart click on ‘View Cart’ to make sure you have added everything you desire to purchase and click ‘Checkout’

  3. Enter your registered email and password

  4. Enter your personal details (Name, Contact number, Billing address, Shipping address etc)

  5. You may confirm the order details and select your preferred payment method by clicking ‘Mode of Payment’

  6. Now you are 2 seconds away from placing your order! Finally, you may click ‘Place Order’.