About Us

About Us

We believe that the joy of online shopping is shared only when it can be done together. That is why The Brand Hub offers you the ideal platform to shop for your entire family without breaking a sweat!

The Brand Hub is an online fashion platform with all the latest products from footwear to clothing and accessories. It features products from local and international brands and are available to choose from the categories of women, men and kids.

The platform offers you a wide variety of clothing styles from casual wear to official wear and swimwear. You can also select from a range of footwear including flip-flops, kids’ footwear and diabetic footwear.

The Brand Hub aims to become a platform where Sri Lankan buyers can purchase fashion products conveniently in one place, while also allowing them to shop for genuine products from international brands.

It is the one stop shop for all your fashion needs and the perfect platform to shop the modern way.

We curate the products featured on our website to recommend a selection of all the best-selling products and the most loved brands by our visitors, for you. So now you can easily shop for what is in style and keep up to date with all the latest fashion trends in Sri Lanka.

The Brand Hub offers a range of deals and offers every week to help you make the most out of every purchase you make with us. Claim these offers and upgrade your wardrobe and style while saving at the same time. Filter your search and find the outfit that matches your exact fit, all the while you shop from the comfort of your home!

Save your favorites by adding them to the wish list or add them to your cart as you continue browsing for more. Select from the best collections and shop for the perfect gifts for your loved ones too. When you are finally ready to check out, enter your card details and complete your purchase through our secure payment gateway. With island wide delivery, you can also choose to pay cash on delivery and get all your goods delivered to your doorstep in no time!

For local and international brands, The Brand Hub is the perfect online platform to help you reach a large customer base beyond your physical store and location. Small businesses looking to expand the reach for their products are also welcome aboard on The Brand Hub.

We provide you with a platform to advertise and sell your products while helping you broaden your market base through our fashion website. By partnering up with us you can generate more sales and make your products available to the diverse Sri Lankan customer base across the island.

Great fashion is not meant to be compromised nor left unreached. The Brand Hub is the ideal platform for sellers and fashion enthusiastic buyers to connect with. So shop online, save time and explore the broad market with The Brand Hub community!